XJS Car Finding Service

Let us take the hassle & risk out of buying a XJS

Finding & buying a Jaguar XJS can be a stressful and time-consuming business.  We know there are a lot of XJS' out there - but the pool of good quality cars is much smaller.

On this site we've provided buying advice and guides to help take the risk out of your purchase.  But now you can go one step further.

We've teamed up with Palmdale, the UK's leading car-finding service (and XJS enthusiasts), to help you find the right XJS for you.  At the right price.

Our experience with the XJS and Palmdale's track record of negotiating with sellers takes the hassle and stress out of buying a XJS.

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How It Works

Our unique XJS Car Finding Service does exactly what it says.

We start by talking through exactly what kind of car you want, how you plan to use it and, crucially, how much you want to spend.

Armed with that information we start sifting through the classifieds as well as our own car sources.  

Once we have a shortlist of cars we'll run them by you and then begin contacting owners and investigating the cars.

Once we've found the right car for you we'll negotiate the price.

What It Costs

Up to £10,000 - £695 + expenses + VAT

£10,001 to £20,000 - £795 + expenses + VAT

£20,001 to £30,000 - £895 + expenses + VAT

All expenses are checked & agreed in advance.


You can check our experience with the Jaguar XJS on this website.

We've had first hand experience of Palmdale for several years. 


You can read their testimonials here

What You Get

Nationwide car-finding service based on your brief

History check & paperwork check

We grill the owner for you

Condition check & inspection of chosen vehicle on site

Collection (you just pay direct expenses)